Dr. Markus Raab

German Sport University

President of the Europen Federation of Sport Psychology 


"Judgment, Decision making and Embodied Choices” 




Dr. Markus Raab is a Professor of Psychology, sharing head of the Institute in rotation every five years with his colleague Prof. Kleinert. He lead a department of performance psychology at the German Sport University and being a research professor in part-time at the London South Bank University, London, UK. His main research interests are within sport, exercise and performance in general. Judgment, decision-making, motor learning and control, embodied cognition are areas of his profile studied from a dynamic and probabilistic cognitive psychology perspective using simple heuristics.



Dr. David Fletcher

Loughborough University


"Winning isn’t Normal: What Separates the Best from the Rest?"


Photo of Dr David Fletcher



David Fletcher PhD is a Performance Psychologist and Consultant at Loughborough University in the United Kingdom. His experience of consulting with high-level performers includes working closely with Olympic and world champions from a variety of sports, special forces and emergency services, and senior leaders and their teams in FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 companies. David has published widely in performance psychology and consulting, including ground-breaking research studies in scientific journals and practical articles that demystify complex human phenomena. He is currently an Associate Editor (Social and Behavioural Sciences section) of the Journal of Sports Sciences, a Consulting Editor for Sport, Exercise and Performance Psychology, and sits on the editorial board of five other international peer-reviewed journals. David has won multiple awards for his professional practice and research from organisations such as the British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences, the American Psychological Association, the Association for Applied Sport Psychology, and most recently FindAUniversity’s inaugural British Postgrad PhD Supervisor of the Year Award. He is regularly interviewed about performance psychology-related topics on British national television, radio, and newspapers.



Michala Bednarikova 

President of the Slovak Association of Sport Psychology

“We are performers too, aren’t we?

 Michala Bednarikova


Michala Bednáriková received her master degree in psychology at Comenius University in Bratislava, Slovakia. Her final thesis focused on critical situations that coaches handle with their athletes. In 2018 she became the first FEPSAC certified specialist in applied sport psychology. She works as an applied practitioner with athletes, their parents and coaches; as well as provides lectures and workshops for sport organizations. She is an active member of professional organizations in the field of sport psychology for almost a decade. She served as a managing council member of ENYSSP for 2 terms since 2011. In 2017 she became a president of Slovak association of sport psychology.





 Drs. Annemieke Griffin-Zijerveld

Clinical Performance Psychologist & Coach Consultant


“How to Embrace the Suck”





Drs. Annemieke Griffin-Zijerveld work with the mind and heart of people to help people achieve a state of mental strength, clarity, and focus. To build resilience, mental toughness, and competitive fierceness. She train her clients to remove mental and emotional obstacles that inhibit (peak) performance. With a clear mind and heart people can achieve remarkable peak performance experiences consistently. Her company, StatuMentis has been built around these core values and is a continuously learning and evolving organization to meet the demands of today and tomorrow. Her company website is :





Dr. Turgay Biçer

President of the Turkish Association of Exercise and Sport Psychology

Lecturer, Psychological Performance Consultant, Author


"Reframing Skills"


turgay biçer





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