What If Its Duff?




Test all good. About 6 weeks in and up around 4kg at 300mg a week. Ordering more now and increasing dose to 300mg every 5 days for remaining 6 weeks. No real pip issues although bit painful for a few days after the 1st time but probably to be expected.

Slight issue with dbol but seller offered to replace no problem.


Can’t comment on other bits yet but all seem fine.

Flawless transaction as always. This source has always delivered a great service and I have full faith that this will continue.


I have used this source for a couple of years now, as have a couple of mates and have never once been disappointed. I will be placing a larger order this week to see me through to my cruise.

GP will continue to be my source of choice moving forward. I can see no reason to change.

Keep up the good work, guys.

I only needed some Oxy on this order, so thought I’d try the Sigma ones and I’ve been very happy with them.

Ran them at 100mg a day for 6 weeks and looked very full, had brilliant pumps and strength was up in all areas. These have been as good as any I’ve used.

Ordered deca400, size has been coming on well even at low doses for its lubricating benefits for my shoulders, packaging was discrete and well wrapped, running alongside sphinx test400 at 400mg to 200mg deca, who needs grams to gain

Deca is known for its joint saving properties and after doing something to my shoulder and seeing nhs physio (rubbish!) I decided to pull the pin and do a very low dose test/deca cycle (400mg/200mg) to see if I could improve my pains, so far so good, gonna order some more and up the dose to 600/400 I think as I’m loving the feelings on it!

Everything arrived in a few days, well packaged and discreet. First time trying this lab but do not regret it one bit, the blend is unreal. I will be buying everything from here from now.

Slight pip with first couple of injections but now everyone is smooth with no pain at all.

I’m starting to see results fast now from 2 ml of the Rip 450 E.S a week with 2 ml mast e 200 as well. Strength is through the roof and I can see more size and definition on a daily basis everyday. Pumps are excellent, cardio is affected because of the tren but managing to push through it. Sex drive is through the roof as well.

Gotpharma and The Apollo 450 ES is now without a doubt my goto source and blend. I always like higher tren than test and this one has proved to be the best out of all I have tried for price and results.

Can’t wait for it to be back in stock because i’m running out. Think im checking 2 or 3 times a day i’m that excited for more haha.

My brother I had to flag your review because it contained almost no information about the products effects. These reviews are vital to the continuation and integrity of the board. Please return when you have run the products long enough to experience what they do, good and bad, and then post that review up for us. THanks for your time

First time I ordered from these and everything arrived in a couple of days. Was also easy making payment compared to other online stores, absolutely zero hassle.

It’s hard getting in touch but that’s only because I’ve just realised i was using Hotmail and they can’t receive hotmail emails (not secure supposedly).

I will be ordering again as the Apollo blend i’ve bought is the best about in my opinion because i like lower test than my tren.

First time i have tried Apollo but the blends and dosages were appealing so have gave it a try. Im running 2ml Rip 450 Es + 2ml Mast E 200 a week.

first couple of digs left abit of a Pip but it was bearable and gone within a day or 2, Alot better than i was expecting.

Still waiting for full effect but looks promising. Will give further update with good or bad review at the end of my cycle.

I’d been pointed in the direction of this source and heard of Apollo before,heard only good things.

Items arrived in two days packaged well and discreetly.

First order was Test e. Felt well dosed,no pip and did the job well. Second order was Rip240,blew my socks off lol yet again no pip. Used it for a cut and was body was changed rapidly,loved it. Third order was Torrip301 and Winstrol,yet again it was legit and had great results. Very happy with the source and the product. My goto now

thanks for kind words bro

Bit of a delayed review as I thought I’d already left a review for GP but obviously not.

GP has been my go to source ever since I stumbled across him, about 5 months ago, used various products since then and have all be spot on.

mast 325, used between 2ml and 3ml a week on a cut and was literally the best I’ve looked.

Tren ace, used it quite a lot during both bulking cycles and cutting, always used 1ml eod and always made my strength shoot up and disrupted my sleep, very happy.

trentest 250 was thrown in for free and few times, used 2ml a week and again got all the effects you expect from tren, was great.

rip240, this is without a doubt the best gear I’ve used, had my strength and sex drive through the roof on a recent cut, must admit it’s the only stuff I’ve had from Apollo that gave me pip but I stuck it out and used 2 vials and it really is great gear. Used 1ml eod.

Hcg was legit pharma, no complaints here

adex was again pharma so good stuff

apollo MT2, never used Mt2 before but this got me more tanned than I’ve ever been while only using a sun bed once a week, so seems good in my books.

communication is the best I’ve come across, always get a response and helps with any questions i have. Delivery is generally next day or day after.

have no problem recommending this source to anyone and everyone.

I was sceptical, as will many people be when it comes to ordering online. What if its duff? What happens if he just takes my money? etc. Common thoughts I believe most normal people would have.

Let me put your scepticism at rest, With regards at least to GP.

I firstly made contact via email, to discuss cycles, products, etc. Truth of the matter, I was testing the water. I wanted to see how knowledgeable he was as a person. The replies I received exceeded my expectations. We had thorough discussions via email. What truly impressed me was his recommendation, based on my current circumstances. It would not take much for someone greedy to push products to people, suggesting more expensive options. This was not the case here at all. He was very honest. A trait which I’ve found has disappeared with local sources.

Great bloke, and fantastic products. I placed a fairly decent sized order, and everything came perfectly. In fact, I even cocked up my order slightly and he went out of his way (with a dislocated knee haha) to send me some things across for free to help tide me over until I made my next order. Which I will 100% be doing via GP. I wouldn’t dare to go anywhere else.

Truly, I doubt you will find a more genuine bloke, and a better product/service.

Great selection, and great prices.

Firstly. All products are clean. Something in which is severely overlooked in my opinion.

Sides in the HGH noticeable immediately, black tops for the price are excellent. Considering the amount of shit floating around for more. In terms of dosing 2IU ran morning, 2IU before bed. Fat loss is noticeable. Sides are strong, fingers and wrists, deep sleeps. Good gear.

Oils, all above board. Well dosed.
Masteron 100mg x 3 PW
Test Prop 200mg x 3PW
NPP 100mg x 3PW

Pip is slight in comparison to other brands I’ve used in the past, effects are good and noticeable sharp. Good increase in strength and size. Nice dry gains. A quick in quick out cycle.

Var Tablets. I will get back to you.

Arimidex – I’ve used this particular brand before, and are spot on. The reason In which I have chosen to run this over say Tamox, clomid etc is the research done on all three of the aforementioned indicate less long term/severe effects. Also, its widely reported the use of Masteron with Arimidex can keep estrogen levels well under control, this mixed with my own personal experience means I would always choose this combination.

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