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Betting Mobile

Seeing how advanced technology is these days, we can be entertained using a device that is as big as our palm or even smaller. Smartphones offer us not only basic communication features, but they already allow us to integrate several features through applications that we can download on our phones. Our favourite pastimes can already be contained in one gadget that we can carry along wherever we go. We can use it to take pictures, keep updated with social networking and news sites and we can use it for gaming and entertainment. For sports and horse racing bettors, phones with betting mobile applications are the best things that ever happened to them. Now, they can keep up with every game and team that they have bet on whenever, wherever. All of these services are operating 24/7 in different parts of the world. So, whatever time zone you may be in, you bet on the event and team that you like.


Unique Features For 100% Enjoyment

With our day-to-day activities, sometimes it’s hard to juggle work and play. Through the use of mobile applications, those who find sports betting and horse racing very entertaining can keep up with their chores and keep entertained at the same time. Each betting service has unique features to meet the needs and expectations of their clients and lure in more. Features range from simple and easy-to-use interface to bonuses, freebies and prizes. All features are guaranteed to help the customer enjoy the gaming experience 100 per cent. It is just like your regular bookmaker except that you can take your bookmaker with you wherever you go.


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– Features
– Free Bet
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– Watch live horse racing on your mobile device.
– Gain access to casino games.
– Extensive sportsbook coverage.

– Wide range of live betting
– Always great promotions
– Live streaming

– Dedicated goals galore mobile option.
– A sports betting institution.
– Reliable banking options.

Live Betting with Real-Time Updates Anywhere, Anytime

A common feature amongst these services is real-time updates and the latest live odds for live in-play betting. Some applications will even allow the live streaming of major sports events, so the client can witness firsthand and calculate their odds of winning. It is one of the features that customers look forward to especially when they do not have access to the live game in person or on TV at home. Other services allow users to alert them whenever a game has started or ended or when a major breakthrough has happened. Punters will know whether they’re winning or losing a game through these updates. Those who choose to bet on multiple games will also be kept updated with every single game that they have bet on. Rest assured, all customers will know the results in real-time.

Wide Selection of Sporting and Non-Sporting Events

Aside from monitoring, having a wide array of events is a must for mobile betting applications. This gives the customer a wide selection of sporting events that they could wager on. Most bookmakers cover events from the Premier League to American College Football. Customers can also bet on less popular sporting events like darts, cycling and harness racing. Sporting events can go as huge as the Summer Olympics and the World Cup. Also, part of their selection is a number of English and Irish horse and greyhound racing events. These wagering services offer single, multiple and even in-play bets, which means more chances of winning for the bettor. Other applications even offer an option wherein they can assess the odds of winning for the team that they have bet on.

For the non-sporting enthusiasts there are a wide selection of novelty bets like predicting the winner of the X Factor show or the next person to get eliminated from Big Brother reality TV show.

Advanced Mobile Graphics and User Interface

An integral part of a mobile betting app relies on the graphics and functionality of their application. Different smartphones have different user interfaces, which make the gaming experience unique for every device. Devices such as the iPhone, iPad and Android phones and tablets have native applications that users can download to fully enjoy the service. But other devices can also access the same full service without having to download anything on their phone. Web applications work spontaneously with the most advanced graphics, interface and sometimes full view of the application, as allowed by the capacity of the device. Devices with touchscreen technology have further improved the experience of users as they can access several settings and options through shortcuts that are as easy as a swipe of the finger. An interface that’s easy on the eyes and easy to use often makes customers stick to the service. Some well-known service providers are William Hill, BetFair, Bet365, Sporting Bet and BetVIctor.

Free Bets, Prizes and Bonuses

Free bets and promos are also well-loved features. Many betting mobile applications offer sign up bonuses in the form of free bets with specific amounts. Bonuses like these allow users to either increase the amount of their bets, or bet on more events. Every now and then, services give out prizes to their customers with very simple mechanics. Bettors are also encouraged to make use of promos that are unique to every application. All service providers have safe and secure payment transaction processes to ensure that the customers’ deposits and withdrawals do not go to the wrong hands. Some services also support responsible gambling and help out those who encounter problems concerning gambling. These extended services show that service providers are concerned about the welfare of their customers and they want what’s best for them all the time.

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